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Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want for Christmas Is You is a song written and produced by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey and composer Walter Afanasieff. It was released by Columbia Records on November 1, 1994 as the lead single from her first holiday album and fourth studio album, Merry Christmas. Two music videos were commissioned for the song and the track was commercially successful, reaching the number two position on the singles charts of Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom, and the top 10 in several other countries.

The Daily Telegraph hailed "All I Want for Christmas Is You" as the most popular and most played Christmas song of the decade in the United Kingdom. Last year, 2o years after the track was first released, the one-millionth copy was sold and the track has generated an estimated $50 million in royalties globally.

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