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Music Mania has had many logo's in its history so lets have a trip down memory lane...

This was our first logo which ran from the start of Music Mania in 1995. A very basic look but it lasted for a year-and-a-half.

This was our next logo which ran from 1997, this time we put some effort into it. Yeah it doesn't look much now but at the time we were very proud of it, sad eh? Anyway this logo also introduced a tagline to the show which was "The Very Best Music To Suit All Tastes". Mmm catchy! This logo lasted for over four years.

In April 2001 this little (eer) beauty was our new logo. Yeah not our finest hour we know but we fancied a new logo and put no thought into it at all, and it shows. That is probably why this logo only lasted for two years and three months. It did introduce our new tagline though which was "The Music Mix For Everyone", the tagline took us through to the end of 2009.

This was the logo which launched on 20th July 2003. This logo lasted exactly five years, to the day.

This logo launched on 20th July 2008.

On 10th January 2009 the tagline changed after nearly eight years. The new tagline was 'Loving Music To The Max' and it was used for six and a half years.

This new logo was introduced on 4th June 2015, 20 years after the shows launch. It coincided with the re-launch of the show which saw the show move days for the first time ever. The show moved from Sunday to Thursday evenings. A new tagline was also introduced with this logo which was 'Music To Your Ears'.

The Music Mania Radio Show Broadcasts on Apple FM on Thursdays 8-10pm

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